Welcome to Energy Reduction Products Solutions Group.

We are an association of “Energy Solution Integrators” utilizing site analysis and proven strategies to optimize site specific energy consumption.

Take the time to review our approach and you will understand why an Energy Reduction Products Solutions Group, LLC (ERPSG) affiliate is the best qualified professional trained to evaluate your energy consumption, understand your requirements, and recommend a solution that properly fits your facility and budget.

We gather critical information on energy usage, building systems, geographical weather trends, and industry best practices. We then develop a road map for your business that includes technologies and services uniquely designed for your facility.  This road map describes our recommended process in detail, taking into consideration your physical and financial goals including the identification of available local, state and federal incentives as well as local utility rebates.

Your ERPSG representative will then help you implement an action plan for your business that incorporates these recommended road map sciences and services, providing you with the strongest financial benefit with the least interruption to your business as possible.

With consideration and sensitivity to your time, ERPSG has incorporated a virtual verification of these results thru a web based proprietary system that will report your results whenever and wherever you are over the web.

Energy Reduction Products Solutions Group has created a process that incorporates analysis, recommendation, execution and savings verification all designed to help your firm reduce utility consumption and in turn your energy costs.  The following pages will help you further understand this unique process and better educate you on the technologies and processes available to achieve your greatest potential savings.